Saturday, February 14, 2009

From my dorm room Feb 2009

The backyard Jan. 2009

Stream out back Jan 2009

Blue Bird House and sunset Oct 2008

Sunset and crescent moon dec 2008

sunset dec 2008

Christmas cactus Jan 2009

Carpodacus Mexicanus (house finch) Dec 2008

Quilts Dec 2008

Sophie Dec. 2008

Cardinal in Bellefountaine 2008

Cake, Dec 2008

Trail in Asheville, 2008

Water on leaves Asheville 2008

Trees above the trail Ashville 2008

Troy at Chimney Rock 2008

Teresa and Ayden at Chimney Rock 2008

Joshua 1:9
Some editing of a mountain shot. Asheville, 2008

Self Phototography along a mountain road Asheville 2008

Laura's School Pic Sept. 2008

Chimney Rock Ashville, TN Thanksgiving 2008

Me with the Camera, Jan 2009

Delpha's Bear. She passed away in December 2008

A View from the front door, january 2009

Ashville, TN Thanksgiving 2008